Have you ever look at your surroundings and feel like you are the universe,
You are what is behind your eyes seeing everything around you,
Feeling as if you are everything?
Perhaps even feel like you are in a giant computer simulation, “the matrix”?
Have you ever feel like life just looks like a video game,
Like it was animated and we are just characters playing our own individual parts?
Have you ever feel like everything is just a manifestation from your own mind,
Like you created everything you are seeing?
Have you ever see through the joke that is the game of hide-and-go-seek with yourself?
You see—you feel these feelings all the time, and sometimes you get anxious and scared from that feeling,
‘Cause it makes you think you are going to figure yourself out and die.
Other than that it makes you more confident that you can do whatever you want in life,
‘Cause you feel like you are the universe.