Freedom Is A Poem

Ask me and I will tell you the same thing. A poem and freedom are somewhat synonymous. A poem gives you freedom to unlock some ideas in your mind, by imprinting them on paper and letting them be read. Freedom gives you the right to speak out. Speak out your ideas, so they could be heard. There’s a saying that “silence is golden”. If so, then “speech is platinum”. Speech makes us understand each other; it helps us conquer the loneliness within our soul. When freedom is bound, communication stops, then speech is vanquished.

Freedom is a lasting treasure which should not be neglected. Its characteristics is somewhat the same with that of a poem. A poem’s short verse could hold a lot of meaning. A whole poem could brought peace or create and escalate chaos. But take away a line or a verse of a poem, the meaning then will not be fully understand. Freedom in a way is like this. With our freedom bound, we will be missing a lot of things. You can also use freedom to overcome chaos or neglect peace.

Freedom is within each one of us. Just like when you read a poem, part of it will forever be encrypted in your heart. Freedom’s true meaning, though within us, is not fully understood. But practicing it everyday makes us fully aware of what we are really capable of. But binding our freedom makes us even ignorant of the virtue endowed upon us, the treasure that has been with us since the beginning of time. Maybe there were times that we battled to regain our freedom. But it was always worth dying for. A poem stained with blood is just like the freedom that is well earned. Both are treasures worth upholding, worth keeping and definitely worth being proud of.